to Glitterex - leading the industry since 1963

Glitterex has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of precision cut glitter for more than 50 years. The company is unique in the industry because we are the only U.S. based glitter manufacturer that has in house coating capability which affords us complete control of every ingredient that goes into

our products and enables us to easily develop new products to meet our customers’ ever changing requirements.

Glitterex manufactures a wide variety of glitter products that serve many diverse markets. It is used as an effect pigment in the gel coat, paint and injection molding industries. Our cosmetic glitter powder has become a staple of the cosmetic industry for nail polish, eye, lip and face applications. It is used as a floral decoration, scrapbook embellishment and is the preferred arts and crafts glitter of both the professional and amateur crafter. Our products can be used with complete confidence as a school supply because they are ACMI approved and bear the "AP" seal.


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